Suburbia is all about making data accessible to people and companies around the globe. Our team has deep expertise in financial services, data science and data engineering.
Hamza Khan
"Data should be for everyone, so we can all make better decisions faster"
Suburbia founder Hamza Khan began his career as a quant in Philadelphia and has held multiple senior roles in commodity financial markets.
Having worked on both the buy side and sell side, Hamza knows firsthand the difficulties of accessing good data. But, importantly, he has seen first hand how accurate and timely data makes for better decisions, and is thus a vocal advocate of improving data access for everyone.
Desi Cochrane
"Alternative data is the mature, production-ready cousin of big data"
Desi has spent close to a decade building data driven products and leading data driven teams for organisations around the world.
Desi is leading technology at Suburbia, developing large scale systems for ingesting, analyzing, and provisioning time-series and geospatial data from alternative sources including satellite images, open data, and startups.
Meet the team
David Lee
Lead Architect
David has over a decade experience in high performance distributed systems engineering and has a background in plasma physics. He is responsible for our data infrastructure and application design.
Tim Thatcher
Fullstack Data Engineer
Tim is our in house data-engineer and fullstack developer with a background in robotics engineering. He is responsible for the data onboarding process including the preparation, visualization, and machine learning that underpins the Suburbia datasets.
Sergi Hoxha
Insight Scientist
Sergi is our data science and statistics expert. Outside of Suburbia, he lectures econometrics at the University of Antwerp and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He writes our insight reports and conducts the statistical analysis.
David de Groot
Director Sales & Partnerships
David has 14 years of experience working in different commercial roles from small to large international companies in the IT sector. He is passionate about helping his clients as a trusted advisor to achieve their goals and create new profitable partnerships. At Suburbia David will help new and existing clients uncover the wealth of Alternative Data for their businesses and set-up new and valuable partnerships.
Bas Monster
Business Development
Bas has a true passion for IT and in his 10+ years career within banking he has seen many successful and unsuccessful IT projects. For the last 2 years he has worked as an Innovation Driver for Wholesale Banking at ING and has coached several innovation initiatives.
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