Alternative Data — Better Decisions
Understand patterns faster and make better investments decisions
For Commodities
Alternative data enables you to see up to the minute geolocation of movement of commodities and pinpoint supply gaps and opportunities.
For Retail
Alternative data sources like online transactions and IoT, provide deeper understanding of key consumer buying patterns and let you predict trends.
Traditional data like government releases is lagged and difficult to access.
Alternative data is collected from new places such as infra-red sensors or satellite images which can then be converted into time series to allow for easy comparison.
of managers have a subset of their front-office team experimenting with non-traditional data.
Investment Funds
Know where the market is headed and why. With a complete picture of the economic landscape, you can make wiser investments
Retail Business
Understand which trends are changing retail. Gain insights on consumption patterns for every demographic. Discover the best locations for your retail chain.
Real Estate
Real estate markets continue to evolve. Use alternative data to discover emerging trends in housing and commercial markets. And identify high yield real estate investments.
Monetize your data
Suburbia is looking to expand its alternative data sources. If your data is trustworthy, relevant and secure, it may be valuable. Contact us for more information.
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