Understand patterns faster and make better business decisions
Suburbia believes data is for sharing, not storing, and that data should be accessible for everyone to make better decisions.
Our intuitive and easy to access data platform helps you track:
Commodities insights
Alternative data enables you to see up to the minute geolocation of movement of commodities and pinpoint supply gaps and opportunities.
Retail trends
Alternative data sources like online transactions and IoT, provide deeper understanding of key consumer buying patterns and let you predict trends.
Traditional data is released by governments institutions, survey organisations and census bureau's amongst others. It has been recorded the same way for 40 years and shared the same way for 20 years, with small sample sets, slow updates and hard to access formats.
We are shifting to the era of big data as the world is becoming more transparent and the number of data sources is multiplying rapidly.
Alternative data captures insights from new sources, like infrared sensors, drone images, satellites and transactions.
This data is faster, more comprehensive and easier to access.
Suburbia has made it its mission to gather all sorts of alternative data, present it in a way humans can understand and help our clients make better decisions faster.
of managers have a subset of their front-office team experimenting with non-traditional data.
Investment Funds
Know where the market is headed and why. With a complete picture of the economic landscape, you can make wiser investments
Retail Business
Understand which trends are changing retail. Gain insights on consumption patterns for every demographic. Discover the best locations for your retail chain.
Real Estate
Real estate markets continue to evolve. Use alternative data to discover emerging trends in housing and commercial markets. And identify high yield real estate investments.
Your company's data is valuable in ways you might not realize, to people you might not be thinking about.
Do you have data that describes the world around us? Do you know which products and brands are popular, which streets have the most traffic, where housing is in high demand?
As a company, start-up or scale-up, you generate data that can be aggregated to help you gain a competitive edge and develop a new source of revenue.
We partner with you to help aggregate your data, structure and share it. We cover development costs and pay you for regular updates to help your business and your datasets grow.
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